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Thermal Evaporation System

Blue Wave Semi

Thermal Evaporation System Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Blue Wave Thermal Evaporation System  is one of the simplest of the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) tool available in the market. It is a fully customizable state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition system designed for synthesis of high quality metal and oxide thin films. In addition, the system can be used for single layer or multi layer metal thin films (Al, Au, Pt, Ag, Cu, Ti, Cr, etc.), oxides (MnO3, TiO2, Al2O3), and organic OLEDs and multi layer thin films. Blue Wave has developed Thermal Evaporation System which offers a variety of in-built and custom features such as:
  • High vacuum system (Available in benchtop and standalone machine)
    Ability to hold any shape and size substrate using simple clamp technique
    Capable of multiple evaporation sources with cross contamination shield
    Shutter option for evaporation source (manual, pneumatic and programmed)
    Cross contamination shield for multiple source usage
    Optional thin film thickness monitor
    Optimized filament to substrate distance
    Mass flow Controllers
    Process Pressure Adjustment
    Easy integration with a variety of other deposition techniques such as PLD, E-Beam, Sputtering and more.
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Blue Wave Thermal Evaporation System uses resistive heating technique. In this technique, a pair of water-cooled high current vacuum electrical feedthroughs are used to heat a boat (alumina coated titanium or alumina coated molybdenum) or a coil (tungsten) as the heating element. These boats/coils have a trench or slot for placing the evaporation sources (deposition material in the form of pellets, balls or random pieces) in them. When significant amount of current is passed through the feedthrough, the evaporation source is melted and evaporated.


The rate of deposition depends on the amount of the current passed through i.e. higher the current, higher is the deposition rate and vice versa. This deposition process is recommended to be performed at low pressures where the mean free path is longer than the distance of the substrate from the evaporation source.



  • Metallic Coatings
  • Oxides
  • Nitrides
  • Organic OLEDs
  • Multilayer films



  • Simplified thermal evaporation process for evaporation of metals such as aluminum,
    titanium, chromium, gold, silver, and more.
  • Capable of holding multiple evaporation sources


Custom Options Available:

  • BWS rotating substrate heater capable of reaching temperatures up to 850°C
  • Linear motion z-stage for vertical position adjustment of the substrate
  • Quick access door for sample and filament holder loading and unloading
  • Thin film deposition controller
  • Automated system control via LabView software
  • Stainless steel gate valve



Process Chamber

  • Customizable multi-port stainless steel chamber
  • Multiple flange ports for optical windows and mounting accessories
  • Base pressure compatibility better than 5E-2 Torr and is capable of reaching high vacuum(HV) levels
  • Maximum baking temperature of 300°C when fitted with copper gaskets
  • Electro-polished inside and out for enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion protection


Evaporation Source

  • High current capacity copper feedthroughs with water cooling option and moly blocks mounted on a 6″ CF Flange
  • Tungsten, Moly, and Tantalum boat thermal evaporation boats options available in varying sizes
  • Maximum evaporation source to depositing substrate distance range of 6″ – 10″


Gas Flow System

  • Full-scale flow ranges available from 10 sccm up to 1000 sccm
  • Repeatable flow control to as low as 0.2 sccm
  • Gas shut-off valves for over-pressure safety
  • 1% F.S. accuracy and 1% of reading for most flow ranges
  • Digital flow meters with fine electronic control available


Pressure Management System

  • Variable speed turbopump for vacuum levels from 5E-1torr to 5E-8torr
  • High accuracy, full –range pressure gauge with digital display
  • Built-in pressure set-point interlock for over pressure safety protection


Temperature Management System

  • Versatile 2″ diameter closed –loop substrate heater (temperature max 800°C and temperature non-uniformity across the wafer within 5-10%)
  • Eurotherm 2416 temperature controller for substrate heating with auto programming and manual modes


Process Power Source

  • 0 – 6 volt, 250Amp Low voltage, high current DC power supply