Spinsolve 43
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Spinsolve 43


Spinsolve is a revolutionary benchtop NMR spectrometer that provides exceptional performance in a compact package. It offers the highest sensitivity, resolution, and stability available for benchtop models and is equipped with an intuitive software that makes it easy and convenient to operate. The Spinsolve family comes with models at 43 MHz, 60 MHz and 80 MHz, that are ideal for chemists in academia and industry where it can be used for reaction completion checks, identification, structure elucidation, quantification, purity measurements, online reaction monitoring and quality control (QA/QC).

For organic chemists 13C NMR forms the backbone of routine molecular analysis. Spinsolve Carbon has outstanding resolution and unique sensitivity that enables the power of proton-carbon NMR in a benchtop instrument. This best-in-class spectrometer is the most flexible and cost effective way to get carbon-13 NMR in your laboratory.

Magritek has advanced analytical instruments for the NMR and MRI research laboratory suitable for being used on the bench, saving space and money.


  • Frequency: 42.5 MHz Proton, 10.8 MHz Carbon
  • Resolution: 50% linewidth < 0.5 Hz (12 ppb)
  • Lineshape: 0.55% linewidth < 20 Hz
  • Dimensions: 58 x 43 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Magnet: Permanent and cryogen free
  • Stray field: < 2 G all around system


  • Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemists
  • Organic Chemistry Lecturers
  • Small Molecule Research Scientists
  • Synthetic Chemists monitoring reactions
  • Academics running practical laboratory classes
  • Post Graduate Chemistry Students


  • No cryogens
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast
  • Accessible
  • Easy to operate
  • Convenient
  • Robust
  • Exceptional performance
  • 1D 1H, 19F and 13C experiments
  • Standard 5 mm NMR tubes
  • 2D COSY and homonuclear j-resolved spectroscopy
  • T1 and T2 relaxation experiments Software
  • Spectral editing with DEPT
  • Composite pulse decoupling
  • 2D heteronuclear correlation experiments HETCOR, HMQC, HMBC


  • Diffusion gradient for DOSY and self-diffusion measurements, useful for emulsions, droplet sizing and solvent suppression
  • Reaction Monitoring Accessory for continuous flow measurements
  • Expert Software for custom Pulse Programs and Scripts
  • Contact us fto enquire about other NMR nuclei not listed above
  • Education package which includes a book of Practical Lab Experiments