D5 Series
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D5 Series

NanoScale Biomagnetics

nB’s D5 Series is the result of a decade of perfecting the concept and the technology behind our instruments for Magnetic nanoHeating.

The D5 Series is built with the same ergonomics, precision and reliability that made the DM100 the top-shelf magnetic heating products for years, but with improved control technology, unlimited number
of frequency modes, more power, flexibility and expandability.

And yes. More affordable.

The design concept of the DM5 series emerges from the real need of the Magnetic Hyperthermia lab of the Institute of Nanosciences of Aragón (Spain) and 10 years of perfecting devices and technologies. The specific needs involved in the process of applying a magnetic field, measuring and analyzing the results were  thoroughly examined and approached one by one, leading to an integrated and final solution that guarantees the highest standards in Magnetic Hyperthermia research. The results achieved with the calssic DN100 Series, antecedent of the nes D5  Series are now endorsed by published results on characterization of nanostructured materials, experiments with cellular cultures, parasithology, among other fields.
DM5 Series devices apply a user-adjustable magnetic field from 0 to 1200 gauss, on a virtually unlimited number of user selectable frequencies, and perform in situ temperature measurements through an advanced optical fiber system, without metallic parts and with a negligible thermal mass.
Information on temperature, time, magnetic field and incidences is collected and stored up, and it can be processed with a computer. Specially designed software allows also for programming and scheduling automated tests on intensity curves, sampling frequency, pauses, etc.


Precision and reliability

nB is a company dedicated to provide the highest standards of reliability of the measurements for Magnetic Hyperthermia Trials (MHT). For the design of the D5 Series, every aspect of the measurement process has been approached and carefully analyzed in order to guarantee the highest standards of the calculations. This implies the inclusion of specially developed devices (as the isolated dewar with vacuum pump connection and the fiber-optic measuring probe) that minimize any measurement errors, guarantying reliability, and an easy integration into any other research project.


Final, integral and immediate solution

The technological solutions implemented into D5 Series result in an automated and monitored system ready to produce results immediately. There is no need of exchanging parts as capacitors and/or coils, or making any control experiments to compensate for any indirect heating or cooling. The system as a whole solves every problem of the measurement process, so that the user only has to operate the interface to define the experiment. In addition to this, its software will give you the data obtained already processed and ready to be used on a standard format.


Ease of use

The automation and analysis software makes every aspect of the MHT process easy to manage at the touch of a finger. The user interface allows anyone to operate the system with no learning curve.



D5 Series optimizes overall process performance, reducing the time and staff needed to perform the experiments, while surpassing the quality of the results obtained of all other systems available on the market. The D5 series shortens the distance between you and your results.


The D5 Series is formed by Drivers, Coils and accessories. The driver is the main device, onto which coils and accessories are plugged. The Driver is controlled by Maniac V2, nB’s proprietary software, running on any external computer with USB connection.



All Drivers can drive all coils and all accessories. And all drivers can be set for virtually any frequency.

There is no limit to the number of frequencies you can configure in your system because all D5 Drivers are capable of self-calibrating once an external plug-in capacitor and/or a coil are installed. All drivers can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 integrated fiber optic temperature probes. There are 5 drivers divided in 2 groups: The F Drivers and the G Drivers.


G Drivers

The G drivers are the most complete set of instruments of the series. They can automatically handle 15 frequency modes for each coil (*). This is achieved by the automatic reconfiguration of the internal capacitor bank, just like in DM100 applicators. You can also install an additional plug-in capacitor and get no less than 16 new frequency modes (*). That’s for each single additional capacitor. And you can get as many as you want.


F Drivers

The F drivers can automatically handle only one frequency modes for each coil. The working frequency is fixed by the coil and the installed capacitor. You can tune the system to virtually any other frequency by installing a plug-in capacitor in the front panel connector. Therefore, in these models, the frequency switch is operated by the user.


(*) Lower frequency modes are usually close to each other in frequency, so a set of 15 or 16 frequency modes in the practice can be considered to provide approx. 10 distributed frequency modes. Please, see CoilSets catalog.


 (1) # of frequency modes per coil;  (2) # of additional frequency modes per additional plugin capacitor; (3) Maximum field amplitude in Oersted (KA/m). Corresponds to Driver working with S18 CoilSet. Please, check CoilSets for detailed characterization of each CoilSet


All CoilSets in the D5 Series can be installed in all drivers. All coil sets can be tuned in a wide range of frequencies, covering all the magnetic heating range.  The maximum amplitude of each coil set depends on the Driver’s power and the working frequency. All coil sets are calibraed and ?eld distribution map certi?cate is provided.


CAL 1 and CAL 2


Designed for calorimetry experiments in colloids (SAR/ILP/SPA measurement) in 2ml vials. Provide 5% ?eld homogeneity across the sample and thermal insulation. Feature a sample holder column with ?ber optic probe for high-precision temperature measurement.

CAL 1 features a sealed glass dewar ?ask that provides good thermal insulation without vacuum pump.

CAL 2 features an open glass dewar flask that provides excellent thermal insulation with a turbomolecular or rotary vacuum pump.

Max recommended Frequency: 900KHz

Geometry: Single solenoid tube CoilSet

Homogeneity: 5% across the sample (typ1.5ml)

Main preset Frequency modes on G models [KHz]: 141,153,161,292,317,333,372,471,608,744


Double H

Open coil array with integrated thermalized animal bed for in vivo experiments with mice and rats on axial and perpendicular placement.


Enables full body  observation window for mice (40mm) and partial body observation for rats (48mm).

Max recommended Frequency: 450KHz

Geometry: Coaxial multi-solenoid litz wire CoilSet

Homogeneity: 10% in the central 40mm aespherical volume

Main preset Frequency modes on G models [KHz]: 129,139,147,266,289,303,339,429


S18, S32, S56, S76 and S(n)

Classic solenoidal coils with safety covers,with di?erent diameters and heights.


Provide an inexpensive solution to unusual setups. Custom large diameter enables experiments with rabbits. Small diameter CoilSet (S¹?mm) enables up to 1.2 KGauss/0.12T/100KAm AMF.

Max recommended Frequency: 900KHz

Geometry: Single solenoid tube CoilSet

Homogeneity: 10% in the central cylinder (S¹?:16Ø20H; S³²:32Ø24H; S??:48Ø40H; S??:46Ø34H)

Main preset Frequency modes on G models [KHz]:

S18: 152,159,168,174,314,341,358,400,506,654,800

S32: 141,153,161,292,317,333,372,471,608,744

S56: 117,127,134,242,263,276,308,390,504,617

S76: 118, 127,135,243,265,277,310,392,506,620


H45 and H56

Semi open coil array with integrated thermalized animal bed for in vivo experiments with mice and rats.


Cylindrical sample volume, 45mm and 56mm diameter. Enable partial observation window (20mm) for video and thermal imaging.

Max recommended Frequency: 450KHz

Geometry: Coaxial multi-solenoid litz wireCoilSets. Homogeneity:10% in the central 30mm x 58mm cylinder (H45) and 44mm x 56mm cylinder (H56)

Main preset Frequency modes on G models [KHz]: H??: 120, 130, 138, 249, 270, 284, 317, 401 H??: 105, 120, 217, 236, 247, 276, 249, 451


PC70 and PC90

Flat CoilSets designed for experiments on petri dishes and other planar samples.


Huge 70mm/90mm diameter. Designed to work with CAT accessory. Provide high intensity over a wide area close to the upper surface and rapidly fades o? on the vertical axis.

Max recommended Frequency: 450 KHz

Geometry: Pancake multilayer litz wire CoilSets Homogeneity (for petri dishes):

PC70:11% in 35mmØ, 27% in 50mmØ

PC90:7% in 35mmØ, 11% in 50mmØ, 32% in 90mmØ

Main preset Frequency modes on G models [KHz]:

PC70: 140,157,283,308,323,361,457

PC90: 147,159,168,304,331,347,338


nB nanoScale Biomagnetics unique software, MaNIaC, helps users to program and controls experiments, records the measured data, and processes experimental results into truly useful and ready to publish reports and graphic presentations. The D5 Series can be easily used and programmed from an external computer and provides the data obtained already processed and ready to be used on a standard format.


Maniac is now available for Windows OS

Connected to any D5 Driver, Maniac provides:

  • Fully automatic test execution
  • Complex experiment sequencing
  • Integration and automation of accessories
  • Quick calculations and data processing
  • Data import/export