Liquid Oxygen Plants - From 10 up to 500 L/day
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Liquid Oxygen Plants - From 10 up to 500 L/day

Imtek Cryogenics

­With 30 year-experience on the field, Imtek Cryogenics has been developed and manufactured cryogenic test and measurement systems, cryogenic liquid plants, and customer-specific engineering solutions, offering a wide range of high performance and energy efficient cryogenic products for IVF, Dermatology, Cryotherapy and Animal Husbandry Centers, R&D Laboratories and Clean Rooms.
The machining laboratory at Imtek Cryogenics houses a range of ultra precision turning and milling machines from leading suppliers. Machined work pieces have been manufactured to micron size and sub-micron geometric tolerances with very low surface roughness.

Stand-Alone Architecture

All the products arrive as a plug-and-produce system with a fully integrated design, which makes the cryogenics as simple as one-button-operation. This simplicity allows the usage of cryoplants and gas generators in the research laboratories, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) centers, clean rooms and many more environments. Advanced alarm management system designed to integrate more friendly with the user, decrasing user burden while increasing user accesability.

Customer Specific Engineering Solutions
Imtek is a full-service cryogenic engineering company providing innovative solutions to unique cryogenic problems. Their experienced engineers team can assist you with the design, analysis, fabrication and testing of the cryogenic systems with cooling capacities between 0.1 W and 2 kW. Stirling and Gifford McMahon crycoolers make it possible for our systems to provide temperatures ranging from 200 K (-75°C) down to 2 K (-271°C).
Their cryogenic systems can produce cryogens for Healthcare, LNG and Biogas, Research, Universities and Industry, or re-liquefy cold gas in closed loop systems for Observatories, Space simulation chambers, MRI or NMR magnet cooling, cryogenic test and measurement systems.


Store and cryopreservation of:

• Cells
• Viruses
• Gametes
• Food transport

Coolant for:

• Chemical processes and reactions in research and industrial scales
• Superconductors
• Vacuum pumps
• CCD cameras
• Reactors

Production of very dry nitrogen for:

• Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
• Healthcare
• Food & Beverages
• Metal Manufacturing & Construction
• Rubber & Plastic
• Others

60 L/day

COP60 Specs

• Production Rate - ≥60 L/day
• Dewar Volume - 120 L
• Oxygen Purity - ≥99%
• Cooling Water Flow Rate - 9 L/min @4 bar
• Power Consumption - 7 kw @50 Hz; 8 kW @60 Hz
• Operating Pressure - 1.5 bar
• Electrical Options - 380/400/415 VAC, 3 Ph, 50 Hz; 480 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz
• Human Machine Interface - 6” Color Graphic Touch Screen
• Noise Level - <65 db @1 meter
• Weight - 400 kg (empty) / 500 kg (full)
• Dimensions (WxLxH) - 830 x 1495 x 1388 mm

Imtek Cryogenics offers a wide range of Oxygen Liquefiers with capacities between 10 and 500 lt/day or larger. Contact Quantum Design for all your cryogenic applications and custom-made solutions

LN2 Plants from 10 up to 480 L/day
LN2 Plants from 10 up to 480 L/day