MicroWriter ML3 Baby Plus
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MicroWriter ML3 Baby Plus

Durham Magneto Optics

The Baby Plus is our top selling machine and adds a number of features to the Baby which are usually only found in high-end machines. Two different resolutions (1μm and 5μm) can be selected automatically via software and without the user needing to exchange any lens manually. This allows non-critical parts of the exposure to be performed rapidly at 5μm resolution while retaining high resolution writing for critical parts. Locating alignment markers or edges of substrates is faster thanks to an automatic lens changer on the optical microscope allowing the user to switch between x3 and x10 objectives via software. The MicroWriter ML®3 Baby Plus also features an optical surface profilometer tool and an automated wafer inspection tool for examining fabricated structures. As with all of our machines, writing speeds are some of the fastest on the market: up to 20mm2/minute at 1μm resolution and up to 120mm2/minute at 5μm resolution, allowing a typical 50mm x 50mm area combining critical and non-critical areas to be exposed in under 30 minutes.

Features and Specifications

149mm x 149mm maximum writing area; 155mm x 155mm maximum wafer size.
1µm resolution across full writing area.
405nm long-life semiconductor laser; 375nm available as option.
Up to 6 square mm/minute writing speed (2µm pixel size).
Ultra-fast 120 square mm/minute ´turbo´ writing available as option.
Autofocus system using focused red laser – no minimum wafer size.
Zooming optical microscope (1µm resolution) with CCD camera for alignment to lithographic markers on the wafer (±2µm alignment accuracy).
Grey scale exposure mode for 3-dimensional patterning.
Acceptable file formats: CIF, BMP, TIFF.
Machine footprint: 450mm x 450mm (excluding laptop computer).
Designed for desktop use – no optical table required.
Easy to use, Windows based control software supplied.
Supplied with pre-configured Windows 7/8 laptop computer for ´plug and play´ installation.
Extremely competitively priced for University and industrial R&D budgets.



375nm writer (replace 405 nm lightsource)< br /> Clewin 5 mask design software
Virtual mask aligher