VarioCAM® HDx inspect 625
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VarioCAM® HDx inspect 625


For all those who want to purposefully detect weak points in the course of maintenance, InfraTec offers a complete package with a portable thermographic camera of the premium class together with efficient report software for just 14,950 Euro**. The new VarioCAM® HDx 625 is equipped with a large-size microbolometer detector and, in combination with light-sensitive precision interchangeable lenses, offers images in superb quality as a basis for professional inspections e.g. images of photovoltaic systems, electrical and mechanical systems.
Your InfraTec expert package includes:
• VarioCAM® HDx 625 incl. standard lens
• + IRBIS® 3 report or FORNAX 2


VarioCAM® HDx inspect 625

Your InfraTec expert package for asset inspections

  • Microbolometer detector with (640 × 480) IR pixels, up to (1,280 × 960) IR pixels with DRE function
  • Integrated, light-sensitive 8 MP digital camera, image merging
  • High-resolution 5.6" colour TFT display with (1,280 × 800) pixels
  • Compact light metal housing, intuitive single-hand operation and numerous automatic functions guarantee excellent handling
  • Special software IRBIS®3 report for an efficient creation of professional reports
  • Individual creation of templates
  • Automatic processing of data quantities 

High-precision Calibration of Infrared Cameras Enables for High Accuracy of Measurements

The infrared camera VarioCAM® High Definition is calibrated using special algorithms. The specially developed calibration algorithm, with more than just a few calibration curves, is used for compensation of temperature fluctuations. Therefore, highest measuring accuracy and repeatability even at changing environmental temperatures is ensured. The exceptional high measuring accuracy can be reached across a wide temperature range.

Detection of Minor Defects through High Thermal Resolution

The thermal resolution describes the process to dissolve slightest temperature differences and thus, can display this measurement value. The infrared cameras of the VarioCAM® HD series have a high thermal resolution of up to 0.02 K that helps to display even slightest temperature differences with accuracy. In combination with the high-performance lenses this helps to detect critical faults at an early stage and display these in excellent quality.

VarioCAM® HDx inspect 625


Spectral range (7.5 … 14) µm
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array
Detector format (IR pixels) (640 × 480)
Image format with opto-mechanical MicroScan (IR pixels) (1,280 × 960)
Temperature measuring range (-40 … 600) °C, up to 1,700 °C*
Measurement accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2 %
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C Up to 0.03 K
Frame rate Full-frame: 30 Hz (640 × 480), sub-frame: 60 Hz (384 × 288)
Storage media SDHC Card, external control computer for camera control and data acquisition*
Image storage 16 bit single frames or video streaming in MPEG format
Lens mount Bayonet to switch objectives comfortably, automatic objective detection and data transfer
Focus Motor-driven, automatic or manual, accurately adjustable
Zoom 6× digital, stepless
Digital colour video camera 8 Megapixels, LED video light
Dynamic range 16 bit
Interfaces DVI-D (HDMI) | C-Video | RS232 | USB 2.0 | WLAN | GigE Vision* | Bluetooth*
Tripod adapter 1/4" photo thread
Power supply Standard Lithium-Ion battery, energy save mode, AC adapter, (12 … 24) V DC
Integrated microphone and speaker Voice annotation feature, replay and audio dubbing
Laser range finder* Semiconductor laser red, laser protection class 2
Integrated GPS sensor* * Image integrated storage of position data
Display 5.6" colour TFT display (1,280 × 800) pixel, 170° rotatable and 280° revolvable, daylight suited, incl. flip mirror feature
Single-handed operation Intuitive operation with ergonomically arranged function keys and multifunctional joystick, programmable keys
Storage and operation temperature (-40 … 70) °C, (-25 … 55) °C
Protection degree IP54, IEC 60529
Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation 25 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 29), 2 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 6)
Dimensions; weight (210 × 125 × 155) mm; 1.6 kg (basic configuration with standard lens)
Automatic functions Autofocus, autoimage, autolevel, min. / max. temperature alarm: visual / acoustic
Measurement functions 4 freely selectable, movable measurement fields / -points, automatic hot / cold spot display, globally and within defined measurement fields, differential temperature measurement, temperature profile, histogram, differential image, isotherms display
Further functions Shutter-free operation, temperature alarm, image merging, synchronous display of thermal and visual image in real-time
Analysis and evaluation software* IRBIS® 3 report, FORNAX 2, IRBIS® 3 plus*, IRBIS® 3 professional*, IRBIS® 3 view*, IRBIS® 3 remote HD*, IRBIS® 3 online*, IRBIS® 3 process*, IRBIS® 3 vision*, IRBIS® 3 active*, IRBIS® 3 mosaic*, FORNAX 2 plus*
Depending on model