microReveal Raman
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microReveal Raman

Montana Instruments

Many interesting phenomena emerge at cryogenic temperatures, and often, additional or new information about a sample can be revealed with temperature-dependent measurements. This variable temperature Raman microscope system is optimized for high collection efficiency and throughput, offering an automated and controlled environment for characterizing materials with standard spectroscopic techniques.

Experimental Benefits

Explore temperature-dependent phase transitions, frequency shifts, and linewidth sharpening with precise sample temperature control

Obtain spectra at user-defined intervals through the entire range (4K - 500K). A full set can be obtained in about one hour

Generate precise Raman maps with low thermal-mechanical drift

Acquire a full material property profile with simultaneous temperature-dependent spectroscopic and electrical measurements

Measure weakly emitting materials efficiently with the integrated high NA optics

Measurement Techniques

Raman Microscopy and Imaging

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy and Imaging

Absorption Spectroscopy

Electrical and Photoelectrical Transport

Models and Specifications


Raman Microscope

The microReveal Raman is a fully-integrated Raman microscope with all components required for high-resolution spectral imaging. The configuration choices below are optimized for the optical requirements of different materials and material properties.


Sample Control

The integrated Agile Temperature Sample Mount provides rapid temperature control from 4K – 350K. Rapid temperature control allows precise characterization of structural phase transition, metal-insulator transitions, and superconducting transitions.