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Teslatron PT

Oxford Instruments

Teslatron PT Integrated Cryofree magnet and variable temperature insert (VTI) providing up to 18 T and 1.5 K – 300 K

Cryogen free superconducting magnet system providing top loading access to a sample in a variable magnetic field / low temperature environment.

• Standard magnetic fields up to 14 T in a compact geometry
• Vector rotate magnet geometries available
• No cryogens needed, just electricity supply
• Uses the highest specification superconducting wire available on the market
• Lowest guaranteed base temperature:
          -  ≤ 1.5 K with a top loading probe
          -  ≤ 300 mK with a HelioxVT 3He refrigerator
          -  ≤ 25 mK with a KelvinoxJT dilution refrigerator
• Lowest vibration: suitable for a wide range of sensitive measurements
• Risk-free, fast, and easy sample change with our separate sealed cooling loop
• Lowest power consumption: operate from a single pulse tube refrigerator
• Fast magnet ramp rates
• No gas flow over sensitive samples: the system uses a static exchange gas around the sample, preventing flow induced movement of delicate samples or measurement probes
• Quick sample change via top-loading probe. The sample can be changed while the system is cold. No need for complicated load-lock mechanism to reload into the variable temperature insert
• Delivered with the MercuryiTC temperature controller and MercuryiPS magnet power supply

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  • Specifications
  • PFDs

Magnet specifications

Field (T)

8, 9, 12 or 14 Tesla

Field direction


Homogeneity (over a 10 mm dia. sphere)

0.1 %

Stability in persistent mode

1 x 10-4 relative/hr

Sweep rate

Approx 0.25 T/min

System cool down time ( to 4 K)

30 hours (8 T) to 60 hours (14 T)

Variable temperature insert specifications

Temperature range

1.5 K to 300 K

Temperature stability (over 10 min period)

± 50 mK

Sample space diameter

50 mm nominal