EZ VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer)
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EZ VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer)


MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers  (VSMs) are the easiest to use and most sensitive vibrating sample magnetometers available. Whether you are measuring magnetic moment and coercivity of thin films or studying the magnetic properties of liquids, powders, or bulk samples, the MicroSense VSMs will give you the easiest and most accurate magnetic measurements.


• Highest field Electromagnet based VSM, up to 3.5 Tesla
• Easy to use
• Fast, with sweep rates up to 1 T/s and 1000 points/second (not suitable for all materials and experiments)
• Highest sensitivity (lowest noisewithout signal averaging: 3x10-7 emu (0.3 nAm^2) at a 4 mm sample space and < 1.7 x10-6 emu (1.7 nAm^2) with the single stage temperature option in place. 
• Lowest noise Vector option: < 1.7 x10-6 emu (1.7 nAm^2) without signal averaging
• 10 mm ID of continuous range temperature chamber allows for larger samples and approximately 2.5 times more signal than competing 7.1 mm ID or smaller temperature chambers
• Most versatile, with Vector, true Torque, MOKE, AC and DC Magneto-Resistance and Magneto Electric options. Automatic Sample Rotation is standard
• Automatic sample loading offered as an option for the entire VSM line
Temperature options from 4.2K to 1050K
• 4 systems in one: VSM, TorqueMagneto Resistance and MOKE
• Fast and Easy to use with oven/cryostat always installed on the measurement system and ready for use
• Air Cooled Magnet Power Supply
• Space saving, flexible design with all components mounted on wheels for easy lab reconfiguration


Unrivaled field control
The MicroSense VSMs are suitable for measuring samples with a very low coercivity as well as samples with high coercivities. The unrivaled real-time field control system makes measurements possible on samples that can not be measured in other commercial electromagnet based VSMs. The low field noise enables the measurement of very low coercivity samples or layers while simultaneously allowing application of a high saturating field in the same measurement. While some other Vibrating sample magnetometers require switching to a Helmholtz coil, the EZ VSMs exceeds the field noise and resolution of those systems without the need to switch between magnets.

As a result of the lowest field noise, the signal noise is also lower than in other VSMs. Especially at the gaps where most users will use the system most frequently, the gap big enough to use the oven/cryostat, the noise is considerably lower than the noise of competing systems (2.5x lower than the most common competitor). Combined with the larger sample space inside the oven/cryostat systems, the Signal to Noise Ratio is typically more than 5 and in some cases up to 10 times better than what is offered in competing systems.

Easy To use
The MicroSense EZ (Pronounced Easy) VSMs were designed with ease of use as one of the primary goals. The ease with which you can switch between room temperature and low or high temperature measurements is one of the examples that illustrates this design goal.
Where in competing systems you have to physically uninstall the oven or cryostat when you want to do room temperature measurements, the oven/cryostat in the MicroSense VSMs is mounted permanently on the magnet base and can be easily moved in and out of the sample area by flipping a lever as shown in the video below. This allows switching between room temperature and temperature controlled measurements in a matter of seconds. All the cables and hoses remain attached at all times and the system is always ready to use and doesn´t need to be recalibrated when switching back and forth. This saves time and improves accuracy.

The MicroSense VSMs offer a unique Torque magnetometer option for accurate and sensitive anisotropy measurements. Other options offered for the VSM are Magneto Resistance measurements, Magneto Electric Measurements and soon MOKE (Magneto Optic Kerr Effect) measurements.

Safe and Reliable
All MicroSense VSMs use an ultra-low noise air-cooled magnet power supply which is more energy efficient and safer and more reliable than most water cooled power supply designs. The very efficient electronics minimize thermal stress on the components and air cooling prevents the risk of condensation on high power electronics. The modern power supply design is also more compact than other power supplies, allowing us to fit all electronics inside a single cabinet, saving floor space.

Automatic Sample Loading Option
MicroSense is the only VSM manufacturer that offers automatic sample loading, allowing unattended 24/7 operation. Cassettes of samples can be changed while other samples are being measured so that the system never stops measuring. Measurements can be added to the queue while other measurements are running. Reference and calibration samples can be incorporated in the measurement queue for automatic scheduled system verification and calibration. All parameters are automatically logged to a data base file.
Horizontal and vertical sample mounting options are offered.

The very fast field control also allows very fast measurements. Depending on the sample signal and coercivity, measurements can be done at 1000 Oe/s or even faster. This is especially useful for measurements that are normally very time consuming, like First Order Reversal Curves. The video below shows a FORC measurement performed in only 5:34.


Automatic Sample Rotation

The automatic sample rotation option allows you to measure the sample at different angles relative to the magnetic field. The VSM software can automatically change the angle between -400 and + 400 deg with a resolution of 0.05º.
You can program a sequence of measurements performed at different angles or you can do for example angle dependent remanence measurements etc.

Temperature Control 3 different sample temperature control options are offered. All temperature options have in common that they are installed on a slide and mounted permanently on the measurement system. This allows you to simply slide the temperature option in place when it is needed or out of the way when you plan to do room temperature measurements. No cables or tubes need to be connected or disconnected when switching back and forth.

Because of the small OD of the temperature chambers, the field homogeneity is always excellent and because of the low noise at the gap required for the temperature chambers, most users will rarely feel the need to adjust the magnet gap. This makes switching to and from a room temperature configuration very easy and quick when compared to competing systems.

Temperature Range

Gas/Liquid requirements



77K + 100K - 1000K

LN2, N2, AR

10 mm


300K - 1273K


9 mm


4.2K, 6K - 450K

LHE or LN2

9 mm

Maximum field with the EV1-LNA temperature option in place

Maximum Field







LNA Sample Temperature Control

This option is the most commonly used temperature option in the EV systems. It offers a temperature range from 77K + 100K to 1000K without the need to switch hardware.
The large ID of the temperature chamber allows for samples with a 2.5x larger surface area or volume than in most competing systems. This combined with a 2x lower system noise gives the EV VSMs with the EV1-LNA option 5x better Signal to Noise Ratio than most competing systems.

Liquid Helium Temperature Option

This offers a temperature range from 4.2K + 6.5K to 450K without the need to switch hardware. When used with an optional liquid nitrogen Dewar this system can also be used with liquid nitrogen from 90K to 450K.
The large 9 mm ID of the temperature chamber allows for samples with an almost 2 x larger surface area or volume than in most competing systems. This combined with a 3x lower system noise gives the EV VSMs with the EV1-LHE approximately 6x better Signal to Noise ratio compared to competing systems.

Vector Coils Option

The vector coil option allows the simultaneous measurements of the X and Y components of the magnetization vector. The minimum system noise with the vector option is below 1 µemu and the maximum field with the vector option is 30-40% higher than in competing systems. The vector coil option is fully compatible with the different temperature options.

The maximum field with the vector option in place:
EZ7 1.75T
EZ9 2.2T
EZ11 2.7T

EZ1- SWP Sweeping field measurement option

The standard measurement mode in the VSM uses field stepping; the field comes to a complete stop before a measurement point is taken. This gives the most accurate measurement of many of the magnetic parameters. Adding the Sweep field measurement option enables the system to measure data continuously while the field is being swept. This provides up to 60 data points per second, allowing for even faster measurement times and more data points per measurement.

Torque Option

MicroSense offers true torque magnetometers both as an option to the EV VSM systems and as a standalone system (ET7, ET9 and ET11 systems).

Unlike other measurement systems that strive to determine torque and anisotropy from vector VSM systems, the MicroSense Torque system actually measures the force (torque) on the magnetic sample and from that it accurately determines the Magnetic Anisotropy. Not only is this more accurate, it is also more than 10x more sensitive. Besides this the maximum field is approximately 60% higher than in competing vector coil based torque magnetometer.

Magneto Resistance Option

The magneto-resistance option provides for a 4 point probe for measuring the field, temperature and angle dependent behavior of the resistance of a sample. This option can be used together with the EV1-LNA option up to 400 °C and does not require the removal of the vector option (if that is installed).


VSM Models available:

Maximum field 
at 3.5 mm sample gap
Maximum Field 
with temperature option  in place
EZ7 2.6 T  2.02 T
EZ9 3.0 T 2.4 T
EZ9 HF 3.08 T 2.54 T
EZ11 3.4 T 2.9 T
EZ11 HF 3.11 T 3.0 T
Model 10 VSM 3.0 T with optional scalar coils and 2" poles 2.3 T (2.0 T for best vector performance)