attoDRY 2100
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attoDRY 2100


Cryogen free 1.5 K cryostat with optional superconducting magnet

Our range of toploading, dry, low vibration cryostats has been further extended by the attoDRY2100. It offers a continuous base temperature of 1.5 K, a fully automated gas handling & temperature control from 1.5 K to 300 K and your choice of superconducting magnet.

The integrated touchscreen allows for conveniently setting the desired field (B) and temperature (T) without even using a PC. More elaborate measurement schemes such as programmable sweeps of B and T are easily possible via a USB connection and a LabVIEW interface. The temperature stability was measured to be better than ±5 mK at 1.5 K over 10  hours. The toploading design enables quick and easy sample exchange, while offering a generous sample space of 49.7 mm in diameter.

The unmatched cooling performance via exchange gas coupling provides an initial cooldown time of the complete system of around 5-10 hours, while the turn-around time during sample exchange is less than 10 hours. 

Last but not least, the attoDRY2100 was specifically designed to provide an ultra-low vibration measurement platform for cryogenic scanning probe experiments without the need for liquid helium. Due to a proprietary design, mechanical vibrations created by the pulse-tube coldhead are decoupled from the measurement platform. When measured with the attoAFM I, vibration amplitudes of less than 0.15 nm RMS are routinely achieved (bandwidth of 200 Hz, vertical direction).

Closed-cycle Cryostats

The dependance on liquid helium continues to involve heavy logistics, high prices and insecure supplies. Consequently, closed-cycle cryostats are becoming more and more popular in all areas involving measurements at variable or low temperatures. With the attoDRY series, attocube provides unique instruments with unmatched and proven low mechanical vibrations, unprecedented low acoustic noise levels, and exceptional temperature stability.
Besides, our systems have been optimized for fast turnaround times and hence enable a maximum number of measurement cycles in a minimum amount of time. Superconducting magnets in the form of single solenoids or vector magnets are available for measurements in high magnetic fields. Last but not least, special emphasis has been put into the ease of use through automation of routine procedures, also contributing to a highly professional user experience.

attoDRY LAB:  Fully automated, cryogen-free nanocharacterization platform with a variety of different measurement options.
attoCRYO:  Dry & liquid cryostats, optimized for the most sensitive measurement techniques at variable temperature & high magnetic field.
attoMOTION:  Piezo-based nanopositioners for research & industry applications. Suitable for ambient to extreme environments.
attoSENSORICS:  Ultra precise optical sensors for real-time displacement and vibration measurement with picometer resolution.
attoCONTROL:  Advanced control electronics and software control modules for attocube´s nanopositioners and microscopes.
attoMICROSCOPY:  Measurement inserts for nano-characterization of surfaces and bulk materials at low temperatures & high magnetic fields.



• solid state physics and quantum dot optics
• material science research on ceramics, polymers, additives, alloys.
• semiconductor device characterization

• attoAFM I, attoMFM I, attoSHPM, attoAFM III, attoCFM I, attoCFM II, attoCFM III, attoRAMAN
• attoAFM/CFM (on request)


• continuous 1.5 K operation with automated gas handling
• cryogen-free, low vibration cryostat platform
• very fast cooldown and turn-around times
• temperature control range: 1.5 K to 300 K
• optional superconducting magnets up to 9 T


• scanning probe microscopy experiments in a cryogen-free, low vibration environment
• fast exchange of samples and/or scanning probe tips
• measurements at a broad range of temperature and magnetic field (optional) with highest stability

21st Century User Interface

Touchscreen control of field & temperature

Via the integrated 4.3“ capacitive touchscreen, the attoDRY1100&2100 cryostats provide a convenient and intuitive interface for a state-of-theart user experience. The desired sample temperature T and magnetic field B can be set easily by virtually pressing a button directly at the cryostat, enabling a true set-and-forget type of operation. Of course, more elaborate measurement schemes such as programmable sweeps of T and B are also possible via the USB interface and LabVIEW®.