STVP-100 Optical Cryostat
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STVP-100 Optical Cryostat


Optical continuous flow cryostats with three standard sizes available, although, as with all Janis systems, these systems can be customized to suit your experiment. Systems with a 1.5" sample space are in stock for fast delivery.

Standard Configuration

Designed for experiments requiring optical access to the sample, the Janis Research STVP-100 includes the following components:

• Optical vacuum shroud
• Optical radiation shield
• Four (4) quartz window sets
• Optical sample holder
• Temperature sensor
• Pressure relief valve
• Sample positioner with one (1) 10-pin and one (1) 8-pin electrical feedthrough
• 6' superinsulated cryogen transfer line
• Control heater
• System test

Typical Applications

• Raman Spectroscopy
• Optoelectric Effect
• Photoluminescence
• High Tc
• Microscopy


Basic System Specifications - Continuous Flow Cryostats



(Sample in Vapor)

Temperature Range

<2-325 K

(consult with QD-Latam for other temperatures)

Initial Cooldown Time

15 minutes

(STVP series: 100-400)

30 minutes


Nominal Temperature Stability (with controller)

50 mK or less


vertical for <4.5 K

System Weight (without transfer line)

15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Cryogen Consumption on Cooldown

0.5L LHe (325 - 4.2 K)

Nominal Cryogen Consumption Rate

1.3 L/Hr LHe (5 K)

(STVP-100 [1,2,3] and STVP-200 [1,2,3])

1.4 L/Hr LHe (5 K)


NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation.

NOTE: Consult QD for high temperature or LN2 operations for SuperTran-VP.

Typical Cryogen Consumption of Optical SuperTran Cryostats

Other Configurations

• Compact vacuum shroud
• Customized window materials
• Indium sealed cold windows
• Customized vacuum shroud lengths
• Large diameter sample space (see photo at right)
• Spectrometer mounting flange
• Isothermal zone sample tube (provides uniform sample temperature and enhanced operation with LN2)