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Liquid cells featuring nanofilms and microfluid channels allow the vacuum to be isolated from the atmosphere and thus remove the restriction under which liquid samples are not able to be tested in the vacuum environments of electron-beam inspection systems. The fluid is drawn into the vacuum chamber of SEM for inspection, thus overcoming the optical diffraction limit. Furthermore, the observation of a sample's dynamic behavior changing at the sub-10 nm scale is made possible as well, in addition to high-resolution and real-time in situ inspection.

Pressure accumulation is avoided through controlled microflow and pressure. Film integrity is preserved under high-volume transfer as well. In addition, long-term dynamic sample inspection can be performed to obtain parameters including size, distribution, concentration, aggregation, dispersity, shape, composition, and other factors.


With the increasing popularity of wet nano-scale materials for beyond-optical applications in the future, the image inspection technologies offered by FlowVIEW Tek will give you the decisive advantages over your competitors.

Key Features

Easy of Operation
The specially designed liquid sample holder allows the samples to be loaded easily in 30 seconds.

High Resolution
We offer the highest resolution of the industry. At maximum magnification of 200K, objects as small as 7 nm can be clearly observed.

High Compatability
Our products are compatible with all SEM equipment available on the market (e.g. FEI, JEOL, Hitachi, ZEISS, Phenom, TSCAN, etc.). They can also be used with any sample preparation tools such as powder disperser (for the powders’ particle size distribution), centrifuge (for observing morphology of biologic samples), membrane filter (for identifying liquid defects), etc.

Liquid particle samples under SEM

High Customizability
All products can be custom made as requested. We appreciate every opportunity to make further progress.


- Semi-conductor
- Electronics
- Battery and energy
- Biotics and cosmetics
- Fluid inspection