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J.A. Woollam

The RC2® design builds on 25 years of experience. It combines the best features of previous models with innovative new technology: dual rotating compensators, achromatic compensator design, advanced light source and next-generation spectrometer design. The RC2 is a near-universal solution for the diverse applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry.



Anisotropy Applications: Generalized Ellipsometry collects six values compared to the standard two (Ψ, ∆). This additional information completely characterizes the cross-polarization of anisotropic samples.
Complete Mueller-matrix: The RC2 can characterize the full Mueller-matrix of a sample. This advanced data type insures appropriate characterization of complex samples that are both anisotropic and depolarizing.
Liquid Crystal: Twisted nematic liquid crystal films introduce the complexity of an anisotropic film with a smoothly varying optical axis. With the thick liquid crystal layer sandwiched between glass substrates, the Mueller-matrix measurements insure the best measurement.


Focusing Optics

Model (on Fixed or Auto Angle Base)

V, VI 220µm beam dia.

U, UI, D, DI 300µm beam dia.

X, XI 120µm beam dia.



Add a camera to M-2000 systems with focused spot option to visualize the measurement area. The actual beam may not be visible on smooth surfaces, but the location can be identified based on reference location. The camera option includes a 3Mpixel CCD Camera, Lens set, and Illumination setup.

  • 3x Magnification
  • Field of view: 2.1 x 1.6mm
  • Working distance: 77mm
  • Digital zoom: up to 8x


Automated Sample Alignment

Fully automated sample alignment (tip/tilt and z-height adjustment).