ST-100 Optical Cryostat
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ST-100 Optical Cryostat


Optical continuous flow cryostat suitable for a wide range of applications: the window material and geometry can be specified to allow spectroscopy with excitation energies from gamma rays through to the far infrared.

Standard Configuration

Designed for experiments requiring optical access to the sample, the Janis Research ST-100 includes the following components:

• Optical vacuum shroud
• Optical radiation shield
• Four (4) 1.625" clear view quartz windows
• Optical sample holder
• One (1) 10-pin electrical feedthrough
• Three (3) blank feedthrough ports
• Temperature sensor
• 6' superinsulated cryogen transfer line
• System test

Typical Applications

• Matrix Isolation
• Raman Spectroscopy
• Optoelectric Effect
• Photoluminescence
• Microphotoluminescence
• High Tc
• Microscopy



(Sample in Vacuum)


Temperature Range

~2 K - 500 K (>700 K optional)


Initial Cooldown Time

15 minutes


Nominal Temperature Stability (with controller)

50 mK or less



any position (with increased helium consumption)


System Weight (without transfer line)

10 lbs (4.6 kg)


Cryogen Consumption on Cooldown

0.4L LHe (325 - 4.2 K)
0.1L LN2 (325 - 77 K)


Nominal Cryogen Consumption Rate

0.6 L/Hr LHe (5 K)
0.1 L/Hr LN2 (100 K)


NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume vertical orientation.
Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.

Typical Cryogen Consumption of Optical SuperTran Cryostats

Other Configurations

• Special window geometry
• Optional fifth window
• High temperature (700 K)
• Customized window materials
• Gas introduction ports
• Large diameter sample space
• Sample holder and wiring for DLTS
• Specially modified window block with large window options

Photoluminescence of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots using HORIBA Scientific Photoluminescence (PL) System with Janis Cryostat Visit for more information.