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J.A. Woollam

For routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index, this ellipsometer allows you to mount a sample, choose the model that matches your film, and press “measure”. You have results within seconds.



Dielectric Films: With fast measurement speed and push-button operation, the alpha-SE® is ideal for qualifying thin films. Single-layer dielectrics on silicon or glass substrates can be measured in seconds. Log results for easy-to-use comparisons in both graphical and tabular formats.
Self-Assembled Monolayers: Phase information of a spectroscopic ellipsometry measurement is highly sensitive to very thin films (<10nm).  Self-assembled monolayers can be assessed and quickly compared using the alpha-SE.
Absorbing Films: Advanced models provide quick and efficient fits for a wide variety of materials you may encounter.
Coating on Glass: Patented technology allows accurate measurements on any substrate: metal, semiconductor, or glass. On transparent substrates, the alpha-SE® measures depolarization to correct for light returning from the backside of the substrate. This unwanted light can confuse other ellipsometers, but the alpha-SE® ensures accurate optical constants.


Focusing Optics

Model (on Fixed or Auto Angle Base)

V, VI 220µm beam dia.

U, UI, D, DI 300µm beam dia.

X, XI 120µm beam dia.



Add a camera to M-2000 systems with focused spot option to visualize the measurement area. The actual beam may not be visible on smooth surfaces, but the location can be identified based on reference location. The camera option includes a 3Mpixel CCD Camera, Lens set, and Illumination setup.

  • 3x Magnification
  • Field of view: 2.1 x 1.6mm
  • Working distance: 77mm
  • Digital zoom: up to 8x


Automated Sample Alignment

Fully automated sample alignment (tip/tilt and z-height adjustment).