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Montana Instruments

The CryoCore platform is built for researchers studying the optical and electrical properties of new materials and devices. The system offers full variable temperature control from 4.9K - 350K.
The proprietary design of the CryoCore minimizes vibrations at the sample without the need for complex external support structures, expensive helium exchangegas, or sensitive and labor-intensive alignment. The system truly is “plug-andplay” with all vacuum pumps, valves, and electronics included.


Cryostat Features

Based on the user-friendly design of Montana Instrument’s original Cryostation®, the CryoCore® offers:
  • Low cost, helium-free operation
  • Fully-automated temperature & vacuum control
  • Versatile & flexible tabletop mounting with no external support stuctures
  • Proprietary vibration damping technology to isolate cryocooler vibrations
  • Sample-in-vacuum environment with conductive cooling for optimized thermal performance
  • Unobstructed sample & optical access

Power and Water Requirements

  • Control Units Power Cable NEMA 5-15P (2x needed)
  • Compressor Power Cable NEMA L6-20P
  • Water Connections 1/2” Tubing
  • Water Inlet Temperature 4° - 27° C (40° - 80° F)
  • Cooling Water Pressure
  • (Min/Max)
  • 210 kPa (30 psig) /
  • 690 kPa (100 psig)
  • Cooling Water Flow (Minimum) 2.7 L/min (0.7 gpm)
  • Water Chiller Cooling Capacity 3.2 kW (11,000 BTU/hr)

Additional Requirements:

  • Optical table (see recommended minimum dimensions below)
  • Rack unit (19”) or shelf space for control units
  • (optional) Dry nitrogen supply (1/4” tubing)
  • (optional) Ethernet connection to local network for remote control functionality