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The GEMStar XT-S/DTM Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition system offers 300 °C (500 °C optional) ALD processing through the full range of substrates, including Solar Cell ALD development.
Configured standard with either a single (S) or dual (D) 200 °C manifold zones, four (S) or eight (D) high speed material ALD valve ports (one with vapor push technology), two locatable 200 °C material temperature zones and an external gas interface, the GEMStar XT-S/DTM represents one of the most configurable systems in its price range.


Adjustable reactor temp up to 300°C
Up to 200°C uniform gas distribution delivery
Pulsed Vapor Push (PVPTM) to handle very low pressure material
Selectable flow-through and exposure modes of deposition
Substrate configurable end effectors up to 200 mm diameter substrates, batch cassette options as well as a heated platen
User selectable carrier gas MFC controlled input up to 200 SCCM
Field proven GEMFlowTM Control System
Watchdog protection and EMO interface
Operator touch safe exterior


High-k Gate Dielectrics (e.g. HfO2, ZrO2)
Conductive Gate Electrodes
Diffusion Barriers (e.g. TiN, TaN)
Adhesion/Seed Layers

OLEDs – devices, coatings
Transparent conductive oxides
Display Backlighting
Optical components – waveguides, filters

Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Energy Conversion and Storage
Solar Cells – devices, passivation
Fuel Cells, Batteries

Chemical Processes
Catalysis – particles
Fuels – particles

Biological Applications
Micro/Nano Fluidics for DNA sequencing, virus detection
Biosensors – bio-compatible barrier coatings
Pharmaceuticals packaging

Industrial Coatings – 3D Objects


500 °C Heated Chuck Option
Allows up to 500 °C hot plate operation while heating the chamber walls up to 300 °C.
Plug-compatible door module allows easy swap with standard 300 °C hot wall operation.
Stainless steel heater design with retained 6" aluminum chuck to achieve temperature uniformity of substrate.
All external temperature safety standards maintained with the option.

Pulsed CVD Option
Fully controlled through the system software for maximum flexibility of use in complex recipes. Two separately controlled MFC channels for CVD gases. Manifold valves support continuous flow

Glovebox Interface Option
Space in the glovebox: The access port for the swing-out door of GEMStar built into the back or side of the glovebox maximizes the usable workspace inside. No space is taken up in the middle of the glovebox by a large chamber.
Ease and Safety of Loading/Unloading: The substrate holder swinging out with the sidemounted door of GEMStar makes it easy and safe to load/unload substrates with minimal exposure to the chamber and minimal particle introduction.
Heat management: In GEMStar, most of the chamber heat is outside of the glove box, unlike vertical chambers which add significant heat load inside the glovebox which has to be actively managed.
Access to precursors and maintenance: GEMStar mounted on the back or side of a glovebox retains its easy, waist-high access forprecursor changeover and maintenance, unlike vertical chambers mounted under the glovebox with challenging access for maintenance.

Ozone Generator Option
Ozone is a stronger oxidizer than water and allows lower temperature ALD oxide depositions on temperature sensitive polymer substrates. With its higher reactivity, Ozone allows a broader range of precursor chemistries.
Ozone can also be used for in-situ cleans. Ozone is generated on-site from an O2 discharge, with continuous flow to the exhaust through an ozone destruct. The Ozone is connected to a process gas port on the back of GEMStar.
Ozone dose is controlled through an ALD valve on the oxidizer manifold with GEMFlowTM software.

Exhaust Abatement Option
The in-line furnace is typically operated at 700 °C which can break down most commonly used metalorganic precursors. It is capable of reaching temperatures up to 1100 °C.
The oxide or metal particles generated in the furnace are captured in a metal-mesh particle trap and prevented from reaching the pump.

Particle Coater Option
The GEMStar chamber size can accommodate up to 8” (200mm) diameter wafers, or 3D objects up to 1.3” (33mm) tall, or powders. Up to 300 °C hot-wall design with convective heating can achieve ±1C temperature uniformity in 3-dimensional space thus enabling conformal depositions over powders.
Exposure control is critical for conformal ALD films on high aspect ratio structures. Partial pressure and residence times are precisely controlled with a downstream vacuum valve.
Specially designed particle holder can be conveniently connected to GEMStar through the KF40 metrology port. Quick disconnect particle canister facilitates loading and unloading of particles. Customizable screen filter on particle canister. Seal-less magnetic drive for continuous rotation with user settable RPMs to facilitate conformal coatings around the particles.