OptiCool - 7 Tesla Optical Cryostat
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OptiCool - 7 Tesla Optical Cryostat

Quantum Design

The OptiCool by Quantum Design is a new magneto-optical cryostat using an innovative design that puts the sample volume in the heart of your optical environment. A custom 3.8 inch bore, split-coil, conical magnet offers fields perpendicular to the optical table up to ±7 tesla. The highly integrated design means, even with a magnet, your sample isn’t buried inside a large cryostat, far away from the optics. Seven side optical ports and one top optical port allow for optical access to your sample from a wide array of directions.

The OptiCool optical cryostat is a cryogen-free system with automated software to control temperature and magnetic field. At the push of a button you can change your sample temperature from 1.7 K to 350 K, with or without an applied magnetic field. A generous 89 mm diameter by 84 mm tall sample volume provides exciting possibilities in experiment design.


Possible applications for the OptiCool environment include:

  • MOKE / CryoMOKE
  • Raman / FTIR  Spectroscopy
  • Photoluminescence
  • UV/VIS Reflectivity & Absorption
  • AFM / Microscopy
  • NV / Color Defect / Vacancy Centers
  • Nanomagnetism
  • Time Resolved Magnetic Spectroscopy
  • Quantum Optics
  • Spintronics


  •  8 Optical Access Ports:
    • 7 Side Ports (NA > 0.11)
    • 1 Top Port (NA > 0.7)
  • Temperature Range: 1.7 K to 350 K
  • 7 T Split-Coil Conical Magnet
  • Low Vibration: <10 nm peak-to-peak
  • 89 mm x 84 mm Sample Volume
  • Automated Temperature & Magnet Control
  • Cryogen Free

OptiCool 7 Tesla Optical Cryostat

OptiCool´s Sample Pod provides a place to build and customize your experiment on the bench. When you are ready to make a measurement, the Sample Pod easily plugs into the pre-wired temperature control column. When your measurement is finished, the pod is easily swapped with another pod already wired up with your next experiment. The cryostat comes pre-wired with 16 wires, routed and thermally anchored from the outer User Wiring Ports to the sample volume. Additional wires can be installed for up to 80 wires total.

OptiCool 7 Tesla Optical Cryostat

OptiCool 7 Tesla Optical Cryostat