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The Quantenkoffer is a portable and user-friendly quantum photonics laboratory for a multitude of experiments from 100 years of quantum physics.

The key feature is its flexibility with regard to generation and detection of visible laser light, single photons and even entangled pairs. Its optical elements, mechanical components and digital circuits are integrated in order to cover a range of experiments and topics of quantum physics as wide as possible.

 Key Features

• Source for single photons and entangled photon pairs
• Motorized adjustment
• Single photon detectors
• Picosecond time resolution
• Variety of optical tokens
• Intuitive operation
• Mobile, robust and safe


The Quantenkoffer and its modular design offer different approaches. You can choose to follow ideas and well-known experiments from 100 years of quantum physics, or you can use its intuitive software and design experiments from scratch.

Single Photon Experiments without Interference
• Particle Nature of Photons
• Quantum Cryptography/QKD: BB84 Protocol
• Tomographic Single Photon State Reconstruction
• Quantum Zeno Effect
• Quantum Random Number Generation

Single Photon Experiments with Interference
• Wave Nature of Photons: Single Photon Michelson Interferometer
• Quantum Eraser
• Wave-Particle Dualism: Michelson + HBT
• Double Michelson Interferometer
• Visible (White) Light Interference (Observable by Eye)
• Measurement of the Central Wavelength of Single Photons
• Measurement of Coherence Length of Single Photons
• Interaction-Free Measurement (Bomb Test)

Photon Pair Experiments with Polarisation Entanglement
• Violation of Bell’s Inequality (CHSH)
• “Non-Classical” Polarisation Correlations
• Tomographic State Reconstruction of an Entangled Photon State
• Quantum Cryptography/QKD: BBM Protocol
• Quantum Cryptography: Ekert Protocol

Photon Pair Experiments without Polarisation Entanglement
• Hong-Ou-Mandel 2-Photon Interference
• Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference + Hanbury Brown & Twiss
• Franson Interference

Optical Tokens
Several optical tokens can be freely placed on the board and combined into various experiments. In addition to optical elements, the tokens contain sensors and microprocessors through which the Quantenkoffer can recognize, readout and digitally control them.

• Periscope
• Polarizer
• Mirror 45°
• Beam Splitter
• Mirror 90°
• Waveplate
• Glass Wedge
• Double Slit
• Camera
• Fiber Coupler
• Tunnel Effect