SS-PST100R AM1.5G Spectrum Adjustable Solar Simulator
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SS-PST100R AM1.5G Spectrum Adjustable Solar Simulator


With the rapid development of high-efficiency tandem solar cells, especially perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells, the need for accurate measurement of the conversion efficiency of tandem cells has attracted a lot of attention.


According to the latest IEC 60904-1-1 tandem cell test regulation, for the accurate test of tandem solar cells, the requirements for the simulator are as follows:

• Output spectral mismatch less than 6% (A++ grade)
• Output spectrum adjustable
• Output light intensity adjustable
• Using the latest single xenon light source spectrum control technology of Enlitech, the spectrum can achieve the spectral level of dual lamp system (xenon lamp plus halogen lamp).
• The output spectrum from 300-1700 nm can meet the requirements of AM1.5G spectrum, and its average spectral mismatch is less than 6% (IEC 60904-9: 2020).
• Only a single xenon lamp is used, so the system is free from two issues: (1) the lifespan of the two bulbs (xenon & halogen) of the dual lamp system does not match, and (2) the lifespan of halogen lamps is very short (only 50 hours).
• With A++ spectral grade. Moreover, its xenon lamp lifespan can exceed 1,000 hours, and it is much longer than the lifespan halogen lamp (1000 hours vs. 50 hours).
• Significantly reduces light source calibration time and increases reproducibility of the testing results.
• The design of single lamp source has better spectral coverage (SPC) and lower spectral deviation (SPD) than multi-lamp LED simulators. SS-PST can provide more accurate tandem solar cell testing results.
• SS-PST is especially suitable for precise testing of perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells due to its performance of spectrum adjustable.

Spectrum Grade (300~1200 nm) SPC (Ideal: 100%) SPD (Ideal: 0%)
SS-PST simulatorA++100%1.2%
Dual-lamp simulator (Ideal)A++100%3.2%
Dual-lamp simulator (Actual)A+100%4~8%
SS-X simulatorA+100%3.3%
US-N simulatorA100%6.7%
   The comparison of SS-PST and other sun simulators.

According to IEC 60904-9:2020 standard, SS-PST not only has spectral grade of A++, 100% SPC, but also better SPD! A single lamp system has the performance of dual lamp system.

Comparison of High Spectral Match Solar Simulators
BrandEnlitechN Brand (USA)Y Brand (Japan)S Brand (Japan)
Effective Illuminance Area100 mm x 100 mm4 in. x 4 in.80 mm x 80 mm220 mm x 220 mm
Spectrum Grade
(300 nm - 1200 nm)
Spatial UniformityAAAA
Temporal StabilityA+AAA
Spectral Coverage (SPC)100%100%100%100%
Spectral Deviation (SPD)1.2%6.7%4~8%4~8%
Lamp SystemSingle Xe LampSingle Xe LampDual Lamp
(Xe Lamp + Halogen Lamp)
Dual Lamp
(Xe Lamp + Halogen Lamp)
Spectrum AdjustableYESN/AN/AN/A
Beam DirectionUp/Down/Left/Right optional
Downward onlyDownward onlyDownward only
PriceContact usHighHighHigh


Illumination Area100 x 100 mm2
Spectrum Range300 ~ 1650 nm
Reference Cell (option)KG3 for Perovskite Top
BL7 for Si Bottom
Spectrometer (option)HS-IL


• Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
• Organic Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
• Perovskite/ Si Tandem solar cell efficiency measurement
• Ideality Factor n test
• Sun-Voc test
• Water splitting cell test
• HJT, PERC, TOPCon Si solar cell test
• Concentrator Photovoltaic
• Aging tests for solar cells