ST-500 Microscopy Cryostat
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ST-500 Microscopy Cryostat


The Janis ST-500 continuous flow cryostat has been specially designed for use in microscopy, imaging, and high spatial resolution photoluminescence. The combination of low thermal-expansion support structure and internal vibration isolation results in nanometer scale vibration and drift levels. The cryostat geometry offers a short working distance (for use with high magnification optics), and permits mounting on common microscope stages and translators.

Standard Configuration

The ST-500 system includes a flexible high-efficiency variable flow cryogen transfer line. This line delivers liquid helium or liquid nitrogen to a two-stage heat exchanger and sample mount. The ST-500 is portable, easily mounted in a variety of configurations, and can be used both in transmission and reflection geometries.

Other configurations

• Ultra-compact
• Options for micro-spectroscopy techniques
• Nano-positioning stages from attocube
• Sample extension for magnetic measurements
• Breakout box accessory for electrical measurements
• Ultra high vacuum
• Superconducting magnet for high resolution microscopy
• Micro-manipulated cryogenic and vacuum probe system for chips, wafers and device testing

Options include

• A variety of window materials and sizes
• Interchangeable sample mounts for different sample thicknesses
• Magneto-optical system (including optional rare earth magnets)
• Electrical and RF feedthroughs

A complete system solution including temperature controllers, pumping systems and storage dewars
Looking for a cryogen free option for your existing ST-500? Optional Recirculating Gas Cooler eliminates the use of Liquid Helium for "wet" systems. Learn more (Recirculating Gas Cooler RGC4 information).


Temperature range

3.5 - 475 K (standard)

Initial cooldown time

10 K (LHe): 25 minutes

80 K (LN2): 30 minutes

Cryogen usage during cooldown to 4.2 K

1    L LHe

0.3 L LN2

Temperature stability (with temperature controller)

<50 mK

Weight (not including transfer line)

7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

Nominal cryogen usage

LHe @   5 K: ~1.1 L/hr

LN2 @ 80 K: ~0.1 L/h

Nominal vibration amplitude † ‡

±15 nm

Positional drift‡

±10 nm in 5 minutes

±60 nm in 30 minutes

NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume horizontal orientation. Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.
† Vibrational amplitude measured while on isolated optical table.
Results may vary depending on experimental conditions.
‡ Data courtesy of B. B. Goldberg and M. S. Unlu, Departments of Physics, ECE and Photonics Center, Boston University.