Phase FMR-40
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Phase FMR-40

NanOsc Instruments

Affordable turn-key room-temperature FMR spectroscopy from 2 to 40 GHz

The NanOsc Instruments line of broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectrometers offer a simple turn-key solution to the burgeoning field of magnetodynamics research. Broadband FMR spectroscopy allows for measurements continuously spanning several 10's of GHz. Measurements over a wide frequency range allow for significant improvements in accurately extracting a variety of material parameters not accessible by static measurement techniques. Broadband FMR is particularly well-suited for studying magnetic thin films, which not only form the backbone of fundamental spintronics and magnonics research but are also constituents of current and future technologies focused on magnetic memories, sensors, logic, and microwave signal processing.

Interest in Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) spectroscopy at room temperature and cryogenic temperatures is rapidly increasing. This is to a large part due to novel phenomena such as spin pumping, the spin Hall effect, and the inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE).

In the literature one may often find that FMR spectroscopy is carried out using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and groups new to FMR spectrosopy might think that the VNA route is the only option. As there as been a lack of stand-alone FMR spectroscopy instruments, this was previously a common conclusion.

As VNA based FMR spectroscopy set-ups take significant time and money to build for a new group, are not particularly user-friendly, and are prone to drift and other measurement artifacts, NanOsc Instruments has launched a family of FMR spectrometers to greatly facilitate the experimental study of FMR and ISHE in magnetic thin films and multilayers.

Nanosc offers FMR spectrometers working in three frequency ranges, from 2 to 40 GHz, for both room temperature and cryogenic applications. Each instrument comes with its easy-to-use software and analysis utilities to get your measurements up and running in a very short time. The sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio surpasses VNA based set-ups allowing for direct characterization of ultrathin films and patterned structures.

Nanosc’s instruments are used by both industrial and academic customers, in many cases around the clock for routine characterization and statistical process control of critical magnetodynamical properties.


  • Turn-key FMR spectrometer with easy to use software interface
  • Broadband FMR using a coplanar waveguide
  • Measures effective magnetization (Meff), anisotropy (K), gyromagnetic ratio (γ), damping (α), inhomogeneous broadening (ΔHO), exchange stiffness (A), inverse spin Hall effect (ISHE) voltage




Temperature Range

Magnetic Field


2-8 GHz

Room Temperature

User Supplied Electromagnet / Power Supply


2-18 GHz


2-40 GHz


2-8 GHz

4-400 K: PPMS/DynaCool

55-400 K: VersaLab

10-350 K: MI Cryostation

±9, 14, 16 T: PPMS/DynaCool

±3 T: VersaLab

±0.7 T: MI Cryostation


2-18 GHz


2-40 GHz




Software makes FMR Easy

The software user interface is divided into three tabs:

  1. Setting up the measurement sweeps
  2. Monitoring the running measurements
  3. Post-processing and parameter extraction


Measures ultra-thin films down to 2 nm

The PhaseFMR instrument has excellent signal-to-noise performance and allows FMR measurements of ultra-thin films. As reference, CoFeB films down to 2 nm are readily measured. The measurement shown above is of a 2 nm NiFe thin film.