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Montana Instruments

Setting a high standard of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat, our Cryostation® s200 offers our largest sample chamber with patented vibration damping technologies to deliver exceptional thermal and vibrational performance without sacrificing ease-of-use.


Cryostat Features

  • <3.6K - 350K Variable temperature control across the entire range.M
  • Cryogen-free/closed-cycle Avoid expense, hassle, and supply challenges with LHe.M
  • Low temps and vibes Low thermal fluctuations and nanometer level vibrations provide a stable measurement environmentM
  • Plug-and-play Get up and running quickly with a fully-integrated system.M
  • External control Control from any device or computer on the same network.M
  • REST API Automate temperature setpoints, stepping, and ramping.M